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"STTUBE" d.o.o. - adventure tourism services

"STTUBE" d.o.o. is a company that provides various tourist guidance services and is specialized in providing adventure tourism services.

"STTUBE" has been established with the aim of transforming personal knowledge, experiences and passions of enthusiasts in the mountains and nature into the business. As experienced mountaineers, climbers skiers, cyclists, travellers and lovers of nature, over the years we have become certified mountain guides, skiing guides, skiing teachers, cycling guides and tourist leaders for appropriate training and education.

We acquired xperience climbing and mountaineering during 20 years in high mountains around the world, climbing in rock, snow, ice and combined, achieving numerous successful ascents on peaks such as Kilimanjaro 5895m (Africa 2002), Elbrus 5642m (Russia, Caucasus - the first Croatian ascent from the north side - 2005) Mont Blanc 4810m (France, Italy 2005) and Mera Peak 6476m (Nepal, Himalayas 2006).

Travels and ascents has immeasurably enriched our personalities with knowledge of other cultures and customs.

We organized and guided high-rise ascents on numerous Alpine peaks in Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

We are constantly working on our education, and as our main advantages and reasons why you would like to choose our programs we quote:

1. KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE - more than 10 years experiences in conducting various active vacation programs

2. COMMITMENT OF THE USER SERVICES- we are committed to providing full support to every user during the performance of the selected program. Program tours are done in small groups (up to 8 people), in order to establish friendly relationships and stimulating atmosphere.

3. SECURITY - in providing guide services, we apply the highest security standards, and all user services are insured in accordance with valid legal regulations.

4. NATURE OF NATURE - we respect ecological standards according to the concept of "LEAVE NO TRACE".


Join us. Your exploration of Stubica Valley and Medvednica will be an unforgettable experience!

Your STTUBE team

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