Pre- and post-season destination


The Tourist Board of Donja Stubica and Gornja Stubica area is a coordinator of a PPS destination (pre- and postseason) and the PPS club "Green Riviera", consisting of all the tourist boards of Krapina-Zagorje County, together with two more municipalities that do not have established tourist boards, namely Bedekovčina and Sveti Križ Začretje. It is made up of a total of 17 municipalities and towns from Krapina-Zagorje County.

"Croatia 365" is a project of the Croatian National Tourist Board, and the primary goal is to raise awareness of Croatia as a destination that can offer attractive products in both preseason and postseason. It also aims to present, both to business partners and potentional guests, the destinations which offer authentic and interesting products/contents and experiences in pre- and postseason. The Croatian National Tourist Board introduced this project as a pilot project in 2014, when 22 destinations in total were chosen, with 8 of them, including the Green Riviera, from mainland Croatia. The Tourist Boards of Donja Stubica, Gornja Stubica, Marija Bistrica, Tuhelj and Veliko Trgovišće recognised right from the start the importance of their participation in the project. They decided jointly to name themselves the PPS destination "Green Riviera". The activities realised through the PPS project were: study trips of journalists from Great Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic, who visited the Green Riviera, as well as destination presentations in two major European cities – Munich (Germany) and Padua (Italy). Besides organising the various activities, the involvement of the tourist boards, together with corresponding municipalities/towns meant an advantage, and in some cases even a prerequisite, when applying for grants attributed by the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism.

Due to the great success of the pilot project, the Croatian National Tourist Board announced again a call for tenders for the "Croatia 365" project, only this time it will last 3 years. The PPS destination "Green Riviera" applied this time with participation from all Tourist Boards from Krapina-Zagorje County, as well as two municipalities without established tourist boards, namely Bedekovčina and Sveti Križ Začretje. The Tourist Board of Donja Stubica and Gornja Stubica remained the coordinator of the new, enlarged PPS destination "Green Riviera", with Kornelia Vnučec, the general manager of this tourist board, as the manager of the PPS club.

Throughout 2015, the Croatian National Tourist Board will carry out the activities aiming to support the development of the tourism offer, as well as destination management operations focused on accomplishing the set goals, primarily the development of destinations’ offer in pre- and postseason, of product segments with increased added value that can contribute to increased tourist spending (complex destination tourism products and specific/thematic products), as well as contents to support brand strengthening.

Some of the tasks of the PPS club are:

  • Proposing promotional and other marketing activities to tourist boards within the destination, in order to position the destination as the one offering special interest, authentic and attractive tourist products beyond the main tourist season;
  • Arranging joint promotional presentations and marketing activities (special presentations, fairs etc.);
  • Encouraging public and private sector organisations with the aim to create new motifs for tourist arrivals, as well as products for various consumer segments and special interest market niches, particularly adjusted to the preferences of pre- and postseason clients;
  • Encouraging organisation of events in the destination during the pre- and postseason;
  • Encouraging the cooperation and harmonisation of interests among public and private sector stakeholders participating in the tourism value chain of the destination;
  • Informing the general public about the activities of the PPS club;
  • Educating the members of the PPS club; and
  • Other activities related to development, enhancement and promotion of tourism in the destination.

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