Matija Gubec House


At the piece of land called Bekovo, next to Bekova mlaka (Bek’s puddle), stands the house of Matija Gubec, bearing witness of the hard, but glorious past and traditions of the Stubica region. It is this proud, modest, tortured, yet joyous spirit of our ancestors that the house aims to show with its playful modesty that does not lack harmony or wholeness. Its appearance, size, furniture and building materials speak of past times, the time of our ancestors, which we are proud of and grateful for.


The event takes place over two weekends in February, presenting the events associated with the urging of the peasants to rebellion by Matija Gubec and staging the final battle (cannons, guns, legendary peasants’ weapons, archers, aristocratic and peasants’ armies). Over 100 extras and 150 members of partner associations participate in program’s performance. A fair with local produce, as well as interactive workshops, are held in the centre of Stubica, grabing attention and inciting both parents and children who come dressed as peasants or gentry, in their desire to be part of the event.