Private accommodation

Vacation rentals "Hiže na bregu"

Hiže na bregu (Houses on the hill) are located in Hižakovec, on the northern slopes of Medvednica Nature Park. They are the only ones to offer accomodation in traditional houses, with interiors decorated to simultaneously provide complete comfort and a distinctive artistic experience. Not only do they remind us of our grandparents' way of life, but they also reveal the charms of rural life. They offer accomodation in the main house and/or one of two studio-style traditional cabins. The cabins were mostly used at collective farms in Zagorje to accomodate younger married couples and were situated next to the main house.

The main house includes two double rooms and one single room. It is equipped with gas central heating, 3 bathrooms, kitchen and television.

The Marica Cabin is only rented together with the main house, as it does not have its own toilet facilities and those in the main house are used.

The Juraj Cabin has two beds, a small table, two chairs, television, and bathroom with shower and toilet. In the summer season, meals can be prepared in the barn kitchen, while in the winter period, the cabin is rented together with the main house. It has electric heating.